4th V-Strom Meeting

V-Strom Treffen im Harz
in Allrode in the Harz

This year we went to Allrode in the Harz by our motorbikes to join the meeting there.
Even the way to Allrode was an adventure. We both drove our machines and Jörgen (JE), our friend from Sweden came with us. First of all we arrived after small ways in Herford, where we met Labrador, another biker, and his woman.

JE,Janet und Gilla

We went on with four bikes in direction to the Köterberg. Already on the way to the hill we met a part of the bikers who we wanted to see there.
On the Köterberg we saw the impressing view...

frecher Kuckuck
a cheeky Kuckuck :-)

Stroms am Köterberg
... and a lot of V-Strom-Bikers

Aussicht Köterberg
... in front of the view.

Of course it was an impressing picture, when we made a break on the Köterberg.
The weather was kind to us, so we went on with 15 motorbikes of the same type in the direction to Allrode.
RBR was our leader who lives in the area, so he knows all the routes in order to bring us along the streets that nobody else would take, normally...

Stroms auf dem Berg
After we had relaxed the break...

we could continue the way to Allrode with all the other bikers. As some of us had already driven a mess of kilometres, we decided ...

to "rob" a small gas station.

In order to make a bigger group of bikers we let two other Strom-biker roll with us, now completely, on the way to Allrode.

Pause am Brocken
Another break on the parking lot Torfhaus

Ankunft in Alrode
    In the earl evening we arrived in Allrode.

It's unbelievable but we bikers really had to search for a parking lot. It was an exciting picture!

Überfüllter Parkplatz
... around 150 motorbikes of the same type on one place.

Even at the check-in you could realize what big kind of organization was necessary to let the bikers relaxe these days.

Registration, getting the small pieces of paper with the names and filling in which tour you like.

It's just great to combine a face and a conversation to a biker's nickname, how you only knew them before.
On Saturday we rolled with a group of 11 bikers the witch's tour through the Harz. Christian (as Harzstromer) led it truely good. We ran fast on the off-roads and cultivated through the localities.

We stopped for a break at a castle.

Jörg und Christian
Jörg and the guide of the tour Christian (Harzstromer) in front of the castle

View of the castle

Aussicht vom Schloss
on the houses in the valley

Then we rolled to the Auerberg, where we stopped for lunch.

Doppelt-T Turm
Double-T Tower

Lunch on the Auerberg

Here we met some other groups of V-Strom-bikers who had already eaten, and some who came when we were ready :-)

Und weiter geht's
End of break... continue

After several beautiful routes we stopped at a small Café, Christian's secret advice, where we enjoyed a great service with a music box which the owner brought us right away.

Break for coffee at Christian's secret advice

Powered we started the way to


... a place opposite of the dancing place for witches...

... and Christian told us a legend. It is about a princess of the sex of a giant, who jumped dangerously with her horse from the dancing place for witches over the ravine to the other side to get away from her pursuer.
 The print at the place where the horse came down is called the "Roßtrappe".


Weg zur Roßtrappe
The short claming was it worth.

Aussicht von der Roßtrappe
The view is just super !

Klaus (V_current) und Kuckuck
Klaus(V_current) and Kuckuck (Birgit)

In the end of the break ( it was probably hard to coordinate ;-) ) there was a marriage society,

... led by a police motorbike with blue light and alarm sound.

Then we drove back to the hotel.

As Jörgen (JE) had a wonder-box (a machine to adjust the V-Strom) one or two bikers came to him and requested him to optimize their bikes.

Jörgen der Wunderdoc
Actually it was no problem...

but when everybody suddenly put off the seat and stood there in a double-queue with the bike, we had to laugh..

JE die 2.
What do you say? Selling the seats !!!   :-)

JE helped everyone of them...

and at night he probably had some problems to find his room because all of the thankful bikers offered him a drink... "Old Swede.."  :-)

In the evening we all met on the parking lot to take a photo off all the bikers with their machines.

All the bikers

in order to spend the evening in a nice society of bikers afterwards.
kurz vor'm zu Bett gehen
Short time before we went to bed

On Sunday morning we - just a small groupe: V_current and Kuckuck, Juttihe, Jörgen, Jörg and I - broke up to go home. Unfortunately we were forced to wear waterproof clothes. Fortunately we could wrap it after half of an hour to roll home in a wonderful sunlight.

Only some metres in front of Osnabrück the rain began to fall, but it didn't matter as we were nearly home.

When we look back we can only say: It was a great weekend with really nice people and lots of fun.


Game of colours, but silver is missing :-(

The registration to the meeting next year, which will be organized by Franken's bikers, is already sent out :-)
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