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Camping in Southern France

Vallon Pont d'Arc, at the Ardèche

For already some years we have been going with our children to Vallon Pont d'Arc at the Ardèche for "a long weekend".

Karte vom Campingplatz l'Ardechois à Vallon Pont d'Arc
Normally, we go there in spring or in the early autumn, because the temperatures are usually higher than they are here in Münsterland but it isn't too hot... and sun is nearly guaranteed.

To camp we chose the camping site Ardéchoise. And till now, we remained faithfully.
Through a barrier you reach the reception...

On the camping site there is a restaurant, a bar and a small supermarket...

and a heated swimming pool...

Der Pool
next to a basin for young children...

Blick auf den Pool
This is the view from our tent place...

Weg zum Fluss
Over asphalted ways you cross the place to the river...

Am Campingplatz
and there is the Ardèche at the end of the camping site.
From here you can start travels with boats.
You can choose one of three given travels.

Ardeche flussabwärts
View down the river...

Ardeche flussaufwärts
View up the river...

The Ardèche goes through a beautiful Canyon.

You can visit various caves directly next to the street.
Inside of the Cave called "Grotte de la Madeleine"...

... you see the different forms,
which are explained by a guide speaking several languages and telling a lot about their history.

For some Euros you can even do sports... for example:
that was a travel by boat along the Ardèche

Warning, depending upon season, it can be rather wild.

The Ardèche isn't unknown but really liked with game water driver.

After some kilometers you come to the Pont d'Arc and get through it...

Der Pont d'Arc
The Pont d'Arc is a popular attraction for tourists going for a walk and watching it...

In the village Vallon Pont d'Arc ...
idyllische Gassen
... you get through small lanes...

Vallon Pont d'Arc
... and lots of shops and restaurants make you wanna go shopping.

Short information of date (18th September 2003), time (4:42 pm) and temperature (28° C)

The area offers a very nice trip for motorbikes.
Straße entlang der Ardeche
The streets along the Ardèche...

Straße entlang der Ardeche
show you the wonderful view...

Straße entlang der Ardeche
... and great circles to go by motorbike ...

Straße entlang der Ardeche
many tunnels at closely streets, which sometimes...

Ampel vor'm Tunnel
need to be controlled by a traffic light.

At the Delta below the Ardèche, in St. Martin de l'Ardeche, there you can
Eis essen
comfortably eat an ice cream.

Afterwards crossing a river along an old closely bridge.
On the opposite there are lots of wine fields, between them, there are some left streets back to Vallon Pont d'Arc.

A travel through the near area leads along the confine roads, for example
Tour nach Bel Mont
onto a hill...

Bel Mont
to "Bel Mont"

wohin nun?
Here is no way any more! Just taking a look - where does it go ahead?

If there is a need to refuel, it'll be able at tiny gas stations.
At this one, we have refuelled. But when we wanted to pay, we realized, that it was lunch time.

Nobody there! The owner was called by a neighbour and came 15 minutes later to get the money.
View from a café to the parking lot where our bikes stand.

Back at the camping site you enjoy the beautiful day..
.. with having fun in the water...

.. and swimming...

with lazily lying around and reading...

.. playing cards...

vorm Zelt
.. chatting with friends ...

Tina und Deti
or with family members who were there, too...

Unfortunately, at the end of those nice days..
.. we need to wrap everything again.

Harm, but we'll come back someday !

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