Camping in Southern France

Vallon Pont d'Arc, at the Ardèche

Since already many years we have also gone to Vallon Pont d'Arc at the Ardèche this spring.

Karte vom Campingplatz l'Ardechois à Vallon Pont d'Arc

1st day

Even though the weather in Southern France was only around 19° and rain one week before we started, we were content when we drove off with the big car and the two motorbikes behind us on the trailer.

Stroms auf Hänger
As we lent the trailer we controlled if our motorbikes were really safe.
It took around 2 hours, a lot of WD40 and some new screws, because the original ones where broken after a while.
No matter... then we tied the bikes. Even that was a bit complicated because we had no experience with it...
But it was okay... only all the towels got another task.

Planned time to start was 5pm ...
Los geht's
... and at 8pm we started at last.
And stopped sometimes to check if the motorbikes stood still safely.

Nachts in Frankreich
At night we were already a bit annoyed because of the slow speed.

Nachts in Frankreich
and we made a new break in the near of Dijon. After it we went on in the southern direction.

After one hour in a traffic jam through Lyon we stopped again to enjoy the tempurature of 28° and the shining sun...

Rast in Frankreich
and to relax.

At 10am ..
we reached the motorway entrance Montélimar

and crossed Bourg St. Andeol to the Ardèche...

The trailer showed that it was still there with "iku iku" that we always heard when we crossed a wave in the ground.

After a endless seemed travel of 16 hours we reached the camping site in the late afternoon.
...where we began to build the tents and to take down the bikes...

Zelte stehen
When all tents were ready ...

... we made the first trip with Connie and Daniel ...

Pont d'Arc
... to show Daniel the Pont d'Arc.

Pont d'Arc

Straße an der Ardeche
Then we rolled along the Ardèche ...

Straße an der Ardeche

Straße an der Ardeche
... on the way to St. Remeze ...

Straße an der Ardeche
and from there on...

Straße an der Ardeche

Straße an der Ardeche

Straße an der Ardeche

Straße an der Ardeche

Straße an der Ardeche
back to the camping site.

As we knew it, the temperatures were around 35°,

.. so we were glad to have a Swimming Pool.

Weg zur Ardèche
Afterwards we walked to...

... the  Ardèche

An der Ardèche

An der Ardèche
... where we tested the temperature of the water right away ...

An der Ardèche
View down the river...

View up the river in te evening ...

Pool am Abend
The pool and the pizzashop behind turned on their beautiful lights.

That's how the first day ended and we were totally tired.

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